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Smashwords book reviews by Karen Edwards

  • Dark Matter Heart on July 18, 2011

    Cordell Griffin was in a car accident when he was younger and since then has problems with his "allergies". Cor and his mother move from Los Angeles to the Pacific Northwest for a fresh start, but something has followed then. Something bad. Everybody that Cordell comes in contact with ends up dead and he is the prime suspect. All clues lead back to him. Cordell needs to find out who is behind the murders and fast before someone he cares for is next. This is book was amazing. I usually don't get into reading much YA, but I have to say this one was very, very good. It ended up being a real page turner for me. I'm looking forward to seeing where Nathan Wrann takes this series and these characters.
  • Semester Aboard on Oct. 25, 2011

    This was such a fun read. Not only do you get to imaging what it is like to take classes while on a cruise ship to Mexico and South America , but also werewolves, vampires, elementals, witches, warlocks and mermaids. Late one night after Jen is unable to sleep, she sees someone fall off the ship into the ocean, but when she looks again that someone was back on board the ship and uninjured. Not able to let this incident go she soon discovers a completely new world in which she is now a part of. Jen soon discovers that she herself is a witch, but before she can barely come to terms with her new density, an evil vampire is out for her blood. Her new friends do what they can to protect her, but end up in a fight that they were not quite prepared for. The characters in this book are enjoyable. You follow Jen as learns about the world of magic. At times, I felt that the constant questions that Jen asked were just a little bit much, but it did not stop me from enjoying this book. If you are a fan of YA then you will definite, enjoy this book. Elizabeth Kirke is one author we will need to keep our eyes on.