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Not a huge amount to say — I’m an author of steamy stories who happens to be a teacher; these things don’t mix well in public, so I tend to be fairly quiet about real life in my blogging.

I am, however, interested in all sorts of things — books, writing, theater, mythology, and, obviously, erotica! I’m a huge reader of genre fiction — mostly mysteries and fantasy, but also science fiction and historical romance.

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  • Erin on Nov. 10, 2013

    So, this is not a story I would have picked out for me, based on the shopping-list. It's about a lesbian couple, which is fine, though not my thing, and it centers around the kink of anal sex. Which... Well, I've written about it, and it's something intriguing, sure, but it's not my kink of choice. (Don't know what that is, exactly, but you know what I mean.) The thing, is, I love Tess Mackenzie's stories. They're erotic, sure, but they're about the people, and that's why I read "Erin" (and its sequels), and that's why I loved it. The two main characters, Erin and Lauren... Well, yeah. They're both women. (Actually, Lauren is bisexual, not that it matters in this story so much.) And Erin has a thing for anal sex -- particularly analingus. And the story flows out from there.... but honestly? It's about their insecurities, and their love for each other, and the push-me-pull-you that those two things -- combined with their desires -- put them through. Is it sexy? Hell yeah.But mostly, I found myself falling in love a bit with these two slightly neurotic, sweet, very human creatures, and enjoyed the hell out of the short trip they took me on (and the subsequent trips as well).