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  • The Figures on March 22, 2013

    When I compare it to other stories by Nigel Hems, some of this was a bit too wordy, but after a while, that doesn't matter, and you get into reading and re-reading it and every time there is more layers. It is like a story of demonic possession by society. Up to now, I thought Nigel Hems was a bit like George Orwell, but this is like vampire horror, except the horror is coming from government. I saw David Icke on YouTube and he said the world was being run by reptiles, only you can't see them, and this was a bit like that, except they were ghosts instead of reptiles. The poor cobbler in the story seems to be a kind man, only he isn't. I did think he was going to start singing Bohemian Rhapsody after a bit, but it would have spoiled it if he had, lol! The conductor is not conducting music, but people, so I thought that was a bad choice at first, unless you think of him as being like a lightening conductor, controlling power with his fingers, a bit like the Emperor in Star Wars. The choice between good and evil is never simple, and it's not like Nigel Hems sometimes shows it, but I can forgive this because the ideas are good. If you think the world is only science, and there are no mysteries, we could disrespect magic as really just superstition. I think that though Nigel Hems is a philosophy lecturer, he is more into wizardry than he thinks and can't admit it, especially as it would probably lose him his job or something. I know a bit about one philosopher called Descartes, and he said "I think, therefore I am.". But if we're not what we think, and it's like The Matrix and we being fooled, and people take us away from what we really are, does that mean the planet is doomed? It's good to read about these ideas but it does my head in!