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Keith Ward is the author of "Internet Kill Switch", which is his first published novel, and "First Day of School", an "Internet Kill Switch"-based short story. Keith’s been a journalist for 25 years, working for a variety of newspapers, magazines and websites. In his career, he’s been a reporter, editorial page editor, Page 1 editor, news director, editorial writer, senior editor and editor in chief.

He’s covered the field of technology since 2000, and currently serves as editor in chief of Visual Studio Magazine, a software development publication. He’s covered Microsoft extensively as a journalist, and writes about all aspects of technology.

One of his chief hobbies has been fiction writing, both novels and screenplays. In 2012, his screenplay “Deadly Air,” about the early days of the U.S. Airmail Service, won a special award at the Astana International Action Film Festival in Astana, Kazakhstan. He’s also collaborated on screenplays with a major Hollywood producer.

Keith has since turned his attention to novels, beginning with “Internet Kill Switch,” the first book in what is a planned trilogy. He lives on the East Coast with his amazing wife and gaggle of children.

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Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
I've been writing stories since I was very young. In fact, my best friend in elementary school and I wrote a series of stories that we acted out in front of the other students. The stories were about the two of us being in the army, and our misadventures therein. So I've had an interest in storytelling for a long time.
What is your writing process?
I try to write in the mornings; my mind feels fresher, sharper. I have a full-time day job, so I write early. I'm also a husband and father, so my writing time is limited. I write fairly quickly, which helps, and can crank out 1,000 words in an hour, if I'm locked in.
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