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Smashwords book reviews by Ofgr8value

  • American Nightmare on Aug. 29, 2011

    The premise of the story was interesting. However the poor writing really made this book an "American Nightmare". I felt like I was reading the same thing over and over. It could have been shorter considering how many times the "back story" on the main character was repeated. I found myself saying "okay! I get that this guy is really psychotic, and full of deep seated rage. I get it already! " That one thing in particular really killed the book because the "backstory" and descriptions of the main character kept reappearing and most of the time it was unnecessary and completely out of place. Basically it came across like the author was trying to meet a page quota. I was really rooting for this book because I don't like discouraging anyone's dream. I think if some editing and revisions were made this could be a good short story.
  • The Old One on Sep. 02, 2011
    (no rating)
    I really was captivated by this story. The pace was slow, however that is what made you want to keep reading. So much that I couldn't put it down. The plot was very interesting and certainly something different from what's out there. With each passing page I kept wondering what was going to happen next? What would this monster do? What was it capable of? Very fascinating. The characters were well developed and I could easily visualize them in this story. I like how there wasn't a happy or resolved ending because it adds to the mysteriousness of the story. On a deeper level the plot opens the mind up to the thought "what's really out there?" Another undertone was that there are some things in life in general that just can't be reckoned with so it's best to heed the warnings, learn from the mistakes of others and leave those things alone. But that's not the nature of man. We do it anyway. The end result is that we end up with our own story to tell, just like the main character had his own story to share at the end of the book. Very good work of fiction. A page turner. If you like the works of Stephen King, you will enjoy this book!
  • Restless Highways on Sep. 03, 2011

    This author is very talented and has a unique writing style. Her stories are short but sweet. She is very descriptive and her stories are very captivating. They have deeper messages if you look below the surface. I really wish that some of the stories were longer and went a little more in depth. Overall I loved the majority of the stories,  and found the plots and twists rewarding. I am now a fan. However, a few left me saying "what was that all about?" or "Was this a teaser for a longer story or book coming out later?". My least favorites were His Dark Ink, "Fair Warning", "Cockroaches and Peeps" and "Intrusion". My favorites which really freaked me out were "The Message" and "Forever". "What the Fates Decide" was a real cool interpretation of  the game of life, and good vs evil.  "The Black Keys"  and "The Hands of Time" could easily be a script for "The Twighlight Zone".  I really like the twist in the story "You Never Know What You Will Find" and the good feelings that I felt when I read "Where We Belong". I really wanted to go there myself!  I recommend this book and look forward to reading more from this author.
  • Broken Life Journals - A Fight for Forever on Sep. 09, 2013

    I enjoyed the book. It provided a Historical reflection of race, power, slavery, influence, and also gave a romantic story filled with secrets and a little "mysticism" I enjoyed the descriptions and detailed writing. I look forward to future works.