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Smashwords book reviews by kelley rogers

  • Slave Empire - The Crystal Ship on Jan. 12, 2011

    This was a great read. I have enjoyed this series so far, just waiting on the next book to come out.
  • Slave Empire III - The Shrike on March 27, 2011

    I enjoyed reading the final segment of this story. It was worth the wait.
  • Playing For Keeps on Jan. 17, 2012

    I liked this story. I thought it was cute and funny.
  • Ruin on Feb. 04, 2012

    This was an interesting concept on human relations with others that have exceptional abilities. It also takes a look at people that are so called "outcasts" are viewed by the bulk of society in this fictional book. You also begin to imagine and compare how there are some ways in which certain groups of people are really treated in actual life.
  • Finding Home on Feb. 06, 2012

    This takes a unique concept to motherhood and relationships. The ending takes you completely off guard. You think that the storyline will be just like any other book, however the author takes you on a journey you will not want to miss. It also helps you to understand the choices that the character makes in the story and how it will affect her daughter.
  • Spell Checked on Feb. 08, 2012

    I was not certain where this book was headed when I began reading it. However, it did present a new outlook on the world of witches and vampires which break from tradition. The book was well written and pleasant to read. It keeps you interested from start to finish.
  • Perfection: A Neighbor From Hell Novel on May 21, 2012

    Very good. Charachters well thought out. Keeps you turning the page until the end.