Kelly Hammond


Where to start? I write about what is in my head, but not about who I am.

For various reasons I am a fairly private person. I have eclectic interests- and tastes- which include Ethics & Morality, Metaphysics, History, Sex & Erotica (especially non-convential forms of same), and Elementary Particle Physics.
I not sure how the last two things could be related- perhaps the story of a menage a trois between three quarks (of course they would, in true kink double entendre style, be Bottom, Top and Strange)- which due to their forbidden love try to occupy the same Quantum State, in defiance of the Pauli Exclusion Principle. These subatomic particles would be in a Bound State of course; and the Top, looking to try the Double Slit Experiment, would soon find himself in a Quantum Superposition. Both Tunneling and Entanglement are Possibilities before the three Fermions collapse into one simultaneous Baryon.
Hmmm, it has possibilities...
(Apologies to any physicists reading for the above joke- I know I used some terms slightly out of context).
As can probably be ascertained from the above, I lean towards the erotic when writing, whenever possible.

As of writing I have no writing available for download (boo!) but fear not, gentle reader! I hope to rectify that as soon as I am able, so watch this space!


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Smashwords book reviews by Kelly Hammond

  • Fait Accompli on May 25, 2012

    Well written and sexy. I'll disagree with the previous reviewers- the "detached" tone is part of the appeal. The narrative is tight and the continuity- my usual gripe with erotica- is smooth. My one negative is that I really dislike the odd-name-as-setup-for-bad-pun motif, but it's several notches above the majority of erotica ebooks I have read.