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Kelly Hashway fully admits to being one of the most accident-prone people on the planet, but that didn’t stop her from jumping out of an airplane at ten thousand feet one Halloween. Maybe it was growing up reading R.L. Stine’s Fear Street books that instilled a love of all things scary and a desire to live in a world filled with supernatural creatures, but she spends her days writing speculative fiction. Kelly’s also a sucker for first love, which is why she writes romance under the pen name Ashelyn Drake. When she’s not writing, Kelly works as an editor, and also as Mom, which she believes is a job title that deserves to be capitalized.

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Secrets We Keep
Pre-release—available October 2, 2017. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 73,290. Language: English. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » Women Sleuths, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Crime thriller
Death follows Madison Kramer wherever she goes, and a night that should have been nothing but celebrating the New Year in the arms of the man she loves, turns into the scene of another murder. The murder suspect wants Maddie’s help in freeing his name. Her secret past continues to come to the surface, putting her life at risk in a deadly game where Maddie doesn’t know whom she can trust.
Lies We Tell
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 71,560. Language: English. Published: April 10, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » General, Fiction » Romance » Suspense
With a new name and a career as a best-selling author, Madison Kramer thought her past was behind her. She never expected Trevor Lockhardt to offer his services as her publicist, or that she’d end up falling for him. She really didn’t expect a stalker sending her messages, both written and in the form of dead bodies. How long can she keep her past a secret before her lies come back to get her?
Fading Into the Shadows
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 81,300. Language: English. Published: January 16, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Paranormal, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Sci-Fi & fantasy
When sixteen-year-old Ella Andrews’s best friend, Avery, goes missing, she’ll do anything to get him back—even following a strange shadow to another world where the constellations are real-life figures in the sky. The longer they stay, the more they fade into substanceless shadows—a fate worse than death.
Visions of Mockingbird Point
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 42,790. Language: English. Published: June 15, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Action & Adventure / Survival Stories
In a desperate attempt to break the curse of the Granville fortune, J.B., Edward, and Noelle sneak off to Mockingbird Point, the latest location in their visions. But the visions are also showing that Morgan Grimault is on his way. It’s a race to locate the final portion of the fortune and defeat Grimault once and for all.
Mystery of Majestic Cave
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 40,910. Language: English. Published: April 9, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Action & Adventure / Survival Stories, Fiction » Children’s books » Paranormal
It’s been two months since J.B., Noelle, and Edward discovered they were the ones who have to break the curse that’s plagued their families for hundreds of years. Their search for the Granville fortune leads them to a place called Majestic Cave. History won’t be the only thing uncovered on this journey—and it might not be the only thing buried either.
Curse of the Granville Fortune
Price: Free! Words: 40,380. Language: English. Published: January 21, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Paranormal
Twelve-year-old J.B.’s visions leave him sweaty, lightheaded, and certain he’s turning into a freak—or worse, going insane. The visions stem from a family curse. An ancestor stole the Granville fortune, and now J.B.’s entire family will suffer. To break the curse, J.B. must find and return the Granville’s stolen property.
Two Tales of Terror
Price: Free! Words: 1,800. Language: English. Published: October 16, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Undead, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Horror
Not every story has a happy ending. Two Tales of Terror includes "The Monster of All Monsters" and "#Zombies", two short stories for horror loves ages twelve and up. From the monster in the closet to the monster under the bed to zombies...terror waits around every corner.
The Imaginary Friend
Price: Free! Words: 3,200. Language: English. Published: July 4, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Fiction, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy
Samantha and Tracy have been best friends since kindergarten, but now that Tracy has gotten over her shyness and made new friends, Samantha is feeling left out. This is nothing compared to how she feels when a strange girl named Jessica tells Samantha that she’s actually an imaginary friend. Tracy has outgrown Samantha, and it’s time for Samantha to help another child who needs her.

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  • Vampyre Kisses (book 1 in the Last Witch Series) on Jan. 05, 2011

    First of all, I'm a huge fan of vampires. I have been ever since I was young and watched old reruns of Dark Shadows. So as you can imagine, I've read a good amount of vampire books. VAMPYRE KISSES was immediately my kind of book. Kolodziej managed to take put a fresh spin on the world of vampires. Trent was an instant favorite of mine. He didn't feel like a typical vampire or any that I've met through the Twilight series, the House of Night series, or the vampire books L.J. Smith introduced to the world. And vampires aren't the only ones to fall in love with. I felt like I was inside Faith's head in a way that made me cheer her on as she faced not only physical battles but also emotional ones. And speaking of physical battles, the fight scenes in this book are packed with tension. If I had to pick one thing I disliked, I'd have to say it was the prologue. I'm not a fan of prologues in general. But I found the old-fashioned language difficult to read. I understand why it was used and it's completely justified, but personally, I didn't care for it. I was very happy when chapter one came and I got to see Faith's voice, which is much more my style. The ultimate test for me is whether or not I think about a book when I'm not reading it. And with VAMPYRE KISSES I did. I found myself wondering what would happen to Faith and Trent and how things would unfold in this world of vampyres, witches, werewolves, slayers, and gods. If you are a fan of vampires, you should check out VAMPYRE KISSES. It's worth you time.
  • Werewolf Descent (book 2 in the Last Witch Series) on July 15, 2011

    Faith and Trent are back and there are more obstacles than ever testing their love in the second installment of The Last Witch series. I fell in love with the characters in Vampyre Kisses and I enjoyed how Kolodziej put a different spin on vampires. I was really looking forward to reading Werewolf Descent and it didn't disappoint. I was drawn in from the very first page and read the book in almost one sitting. Kolodziej has some tricks up her sleeve in this one, and she kept me guessing all the way through. Continuing with her trend of putting new spins on the world of vampires and werewolves, Kolodziej introduces us to a psychic vampire and an alchemist. The new characters keep the story fresh and engaging while of course causing more conflict for Faith and her vampire boyfriend, Trent. I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of werewolves, but I was drawn into the story of the werewolf murders and especially the history behind it, which becomes key to the story line. I found myself cheering on the creatures that I usually dislike in other books. But while the werewolf prince becomes a key player in this story, he also creates some trouble for Faith. In fact, Faith becomes the object of desire of many of the characters in this book, showing how truly one-of-a-kind she is. One caution I do have to make is that this book gets steamy. Faith and Trent's relationship is in full-swing and we see it all. I would hesitate to recommend it to younger readers who like to read up, but for the intended audience, it's full of romance and passion. Another great thing about this book is that even though it is the second in the series, it stands on its own. This book is a winner. I think Kolodziej topped herself this time. I'm giving it 4.5 stars!
  • My Sweet Regina on Oct. 30, 2013

    I loved that A Whisper to a Scream was in Adam's POV because, well, he's a killer yet Hammond made me care about him. That's tough to do. My Sweet Regina is from the viewpoint of one of Adam's victims, and wow. Just wow. Hammond can write tortured souls like none other. I was pulled in from the first sentence and needed to take a deep breath when I finished the story. Great emotion, great torment, and a great read.
  • Double Trouble Luv on April 24, 2015

    I've read several other books by LM Preston, but this is the first contemporary novel. I loved the cover and the title, so I dove in without hesitation. Right away I connected with Sorina. You can't help but feel for her because her family situation is pretty bad. Sorina finds herself at an amusement park with a gorgeous guy asking her to pretend to be his girlfriend. Sorina goes along with it, and finds that Tristan soon occupies her thoughts. Because her family needs money, Sorina takes a job with…you guessed it, Tristan. I loved seeing these two together, but I also got the feeling that something was off. And I was right. There's a big twist here, one I won't spoil for other readers. Let's just say that things aren't what they seem, and as Sorina's family life starts to get better, the rest of her world is turned upside-down. This is definitely a quick read with relatable characters and a great ending. I highly recommend it.