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  • Hominine on Jan. 27, 2011

    I had the privilege of reading a pre-release first draft of Hominine. At about the halfway point, I noted that it felt like a master work the caliber of Grisham, Clancy and Brown. This is clearly no entry level work, but the craft of a masterful storyteller. In retrospect, the Hominine Project represents the Sword of Damocles for the information age. Hominine weaves a tale of intrigue and espionage tightly coupled with political greed and a global power grab. Like any good power struggle, the roots of the story lead us back to an effort to better mankind through noble efforts. Purpose coupled with power tends to corrupt. In the world today, political corruption frequently lead to weapons of aggression, and Evans surpasses our worst fears, turning an effort to better mankind into a possibly indefensible weapon. Yet, Hominine goes far beyond simple entertainment. It provides clarity and a path for mankind that can alter our course and lead us all to a path of understanding that will alter even outcomes already set in motion. It should be required reading for anyone in politics, technology and business who's looking for new ideas in doing something extraordinary.