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  • Her Twin Brother on Oct. 08, 2012

    I will add a warning here - if you are triggered by domestic abuse or the use of slurs, then you'll probably want to give this a pass. But if that is not a problem for you, then definitely check this out. Tough cop Heath Prescott is pretty much lost after his wife Abbie dies, with her having been the love of his life, and the person who kept his domestic life completely in order. Abbie's twin brother, Abel, is lost, as well, with Abbie having been his only family, and finding himself at the tail end of an abusive relationship. When Heath is called in to help deal with the abusive boyfriend that Abel is trying to escape, they are both slowly drawn into a situation where they end up living together, and then, slowly, falling in love with each other. There's some hurt/comfort, in the form of grieving for the deceased Abbie, and in Heath messing things up, then going after Abel to make it right. There were a few things that bothered me - Some of the ideas and language expressed by Heath are rather jarring, because he's got a macho straight cop thing going on, and so you have to take it with a grain of salt that he's unused to gay men, and is fumbling around with trying to figure out how to handle the fact that he is falling in love with one. There's also a scene where Heath gets drunk that is somewhat disturbing. The ending is very sweet, and sexy, and worth waiting for. (I do hope that Abel takes him shopping for lube in the future, though I suppose, if you're winging it, olive oil's better than other things you could use...)
  • Dog of Aclon (Yaoi) on Dec. 12, 2012

    It was not bad at all, but I'd have liked more development. Things moved a bit too fast for my taste, especially where their emotions were involved; and it would have been nice to have more detail all around. Still, it wasn't bad at all for a short-ish story.