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  • Alone in the Night (Mechanicsville 2) on Nov. 19, 2016

    Ms. Laurie Stewarts latest work, Alone in the Night, is the second book in her Mechanicsville series. She leads us on an interesting tale as three teenagers attempt to deal with events that have been thrust upon them that they have no control of. We witness their struggle as they deal with life changing events. One tries to leave the streets for a more stable life with a family that cares about her, for the first time. She has someone that actually cares but finds the learning curve contains some of the hardest lessons she has to face. Another is branded something he isn’t and must face a system that he neither understands nor wants to be part of as he thrust into a life that will devour him if he lets it. Ms. Stewart brilliantly exposes us to the idea of white privilege from the point of view of someone looking in and then has her character attempt to deal with it while she has nothing. This takes us on a journey that exposes the struggles of day to day life that most will never be exposed to. It provides an honest glimpse of life on the street and the struggle that those trapped in the lifestyle face. It’s brutality and honesty lays bare an area where society has failed, where those that are smart enough can exploit it. It is a book that will provide a brief glimpse into a culture that most never get to see, let alone experience. When you open the cover and begin to read this, settle in for an adventure and a fast paced ride. I had trouble putting it down and look forward to the next book in the series.