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  • High Witch (High Witch Book 1) on Feb. 14, 2013

    High Witch is a fantasy/paranormal romance novella that I received through LibraryThing’s giveaway program, and while I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about reading it to begin with based on the genre, as it turns out, it’s a decent read. The plot of the story is not entirely unique, and the motifs and themes that are present are typical of the genre. I will say though that, to her credit, Hanna works with these motifs and the plot in a very well thought out way, and doesn’t just throw all these ideas down on the page in the form of the atrocity that is Twilight. In terms of the strengths of the novel, I would say that it’s biggest strength is the way it deals with emotion. It is certainly a very gripping story, and moves at an incredibly brisk pace, which I feel is appropriate for getting through this story. I didn’t think I would like it that much but I did like it, and it was definitely because the emotional rollercoaster was written so well. Other strengths were that it was generally well written, the plot is very well paced, and the fact that it was predictable didn’t change the fact that it was still easy to attach yourself emotionally from beginning to end. The weakness of this book are few and far between, but if I had to point them out, I’d say that the biggest one is the way the plot is generally cliché, the way that some of the characters just weren’t as well fleshed out as I would have liked, and the way that some things in the story just weren’t as well developed as they perhaps ought to have been. Again, this is a very niche book, and if you aren’t really into paranormal literature or romance of any kind, then this book isn’t for you. Otherwise, if you are, then definitely give it a read. It’s an emotionally intense (albeit brief) ride that resolves itself well. I give this book a 4 out of 5.