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  • Wilde Ride (The Ride Series #1) on March 07, 2013

    Ella has just graduated and is moving across country for a new start as a teacher at Del Mar High School. She accepts drinks with a co-worker only to see Ryder, the hot ass biker she's been dreaming of since embarrassing herself in front of him last summer. Turns out, Ryder, who's the president of an MC club, hasn't forgotten about her either. Ella is dealing with an overconfident co-worker who won't take no for an answer, and the hot and steamy connection she has with Ryder. Is the connection they have enough for Ryder, or is his loyalty with his MC club, Mayhem? I really enjoyed this book. I'll admit, the fact that Ella is a KA fan helped a little. I liked that Ella had an inner "G.I. Jane" and a sense of humour. She has body issues which contributed to a lack of self confidence and inexperience. But that all changes with Ryder's help. I'm in love with Ryder, bad ass biker, President of MC Club, bar owner, rocking body. I'll take 1 please. He had the alpha male quality you would expect, but at times his 'sweetness' wasn't very believable for me. He could be scary, like really scary, but then he was almost too sweet, sickening sweet. Between stalking, threats from a rival club, illegal activity and jealousy, there's no lack of drama to try and pull them a part. Ryder claims Ella early on; so the story is the challenges they face together, rather than the chase. Just when I was convinced I had it all figured out I was thrown for a loop, which doesn't happen often. I love it when I can be surprised by a turn of events. Thank God for the epilogue or I'm sure I would have thrown my e-reader at the wall. I loved the secondary characters, the crude Payton and hot biker Diesal and am really looking forward to their story next.