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Githara Kimani is a Kenyan who lives in Kenya. He self- published his novel, The SASS Agenda in 2006.

His other books are: GOLDFIELDS, published by Oxford University Press (East Africa) and available only in print version. EYES OF THE DEVIL, available at major e-book retailers.

He is presently working on another book, TOY PHONE which will be available in e-book mid next year.

He writes movie scripts and radio plays.

He can be contacted on

Phone: +254 726 559 014

Smashwords Interview

Describe your desk
My desk is actually a simple workstation with just enough space for my computer and any material I may be making reference to. Bu I have within reach some of the books from my favorite writers like Ngugi, Stephen King, James Michener, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Meja Mwangi, etc...
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a village in central Kenya. Central Kenya was the epicenter of the mau mau struggles against British rule and the question of how one group of human beings can be so unfair to another as the British were to the Kikuyu of central Kenya has exercised my thinking for a long time.My father, the late Francis Kimani was a detainee and my novel, Blessed are the Solomon is partly based on the experiences of my family. I have learned a lot about the mau mau from my mother who is now eighty nine, and who, though totally illiterate has the whole history of the mau mau struggles in her head to date. However I like to write across genres; fantasy, thriller, and right now, after reading so much Stephen King, am trying my hand on horror.
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Blessed Are The Solomons
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 125,160. Language: English. Published: December 20, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Literature » Literary, Fiction » Historical » Ancient
The enmity between the Gatuas and the Solomons begins the minute their progenitors meet at the farm of Major Ainsburry, a white man, long before the Mau Mau war, but for decades, tied together by a fate wrought in the deadly crucible of colonialism their destinies keep colliding as the Gatuas struggle against domination by the Solomons and the Solomons fight to retain their eminent social potion.

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