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  • A Spaceship Repair Girl Supposedly Named Rachel on Dec. 19, 2022

    I have loved everything by Richard Roberts that I have read, but with this book he has truly surpassed himself. As with the Please Don't Tell My Parents ... series, it has a good blend of imagination and fantasy, unlike that series, it is, as present, a stand alone. Hopefully that will not remain true. This is one of the rare books I wish I could give 6 stars.
  • Nyx Slaughter: Books 1-7 on Jan. 09, 2023

    Two books into Nyx Slaughter Books 1-7 and I love this. Fun, snarky adventure with plenty to keep one guessing. A younger, more light-hearted version of Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake character; just as deadly, just as snarky, but with a more fun-loving tone to the stories.