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  • Survival Investing with Gold & Silver on Nov. 10, 2012

    I try to keep up with and understand financial markets as well as I can, especially given the extreme nature of the financial crisis that we are living in these days. But to be honest it's hard to piece it all together succinctly with all the different news sources and opinions out there. With this book Mr. Christenson has written an excellent primer on our current economic situation and how to best survive it. He lays out the facts in such a way that even someone like me who does not have a background in finance or accounting can understand. We all hear about how pretty much all governments are printing money more than ever before, and this book explains how that happens and how it affects and will continue to affect our lives in very negative ways. It also offers sensible and easy to understand ways for you to protect yourself financially as governments continue to create money out of thin air at faster and faster rates, something that simply cannot go on forever and will likely end only with a lot more financial pain and suffering for the middle and lower classes of society. Do yourself and your family a favor and read this book.