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  • The Time Travel Journals: Shipbuilder on March 28, 2012
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    Do you ever surprise yourself by getting so drawn into a book that you are gritting your teeth when the characters are, crying when they are and in the end, you close the last page and wonder what happened to them "after"? This is the book for you if that's what you like! The Time Travelers Journals: Shipbuilder by Marlene Dotterer is a one of a kind book that brings romance, science fiction and historical events all together into a whirlwind of suspense, love and desire. You fall immediately into the story as Physicist Sam Altair walks away from his office with a time machine with the intent of proving to the scoffers that his experiments really can and will work. Casey Wilson is a beautiful red head a continent away from her home of Berkley, California to study her passion of horticulture at the infamous Queen's University in Belfast, Ireland. Some would say it was the wrong place at the wrong time, others would say it was divine intervention. Sam and Casey only know their encounter leaves them 100 years earlier in a time far different from their own. Faced with the inability to easily travel back to their "home time" of 2006, they must adapt to the world around them. An American finding work in a struggling Ireland, and a woman at that, leaves Casey resorting to means she feels guilt for but thankfulness as well as she manages to put a roof over their head, provide Sam with much needed medical care and eventually a connection to work of his own. In the process of this incredible transport back in time, Casey and Sam find themselves caught up in the days and years before the launch of the Titanic and faced with the choice of calling out a warning or keeping quiet the truth they know of the future and it's tragedies. I was amazed at the fluid way Marlene Dotterer wove a tale of suspense, romance and drastic change to our current lives via effect of time travel into a story I could barely put down long enough to feed my family! If I was a wee bit late turning in school assignments that week, it was merely because I couldn't stop reading THIS long enough to read my school books!!! I fell in love with the characters, was impressed with the technical parts about shipbuilding as well as the physics of time travel that were included, and the historical characters included as bit parts (Albert Einstein) made me giggle and smile at what we perceive someone famous could have been like. This book gets 5 stars from me and is definitely written by an author I look forward to reading from again!