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I have an interesting heritage of Hispanic, Welsh, and Native American, but I was raised to be a strong American woman. Period.

I am a wife, a mother of 3 and I work a part time job. Writing is what I do to stay sane and remind myself that I still deserve ME time.

I started to write after a childhood episode prompted my school to suggest to my mother that I should see a psychiatrist. After a few trips, the man realized I had an overactive imagination, a short attention span, and I was in desperate need of an outlet. He suggested I start creating things with my hands, to use my imagination in my coloring, in my school art projects, even in the way I played.

I didn't write at first, my spelling and grammar is still bad enough to give editors a stroke. Yet, as I got older and the school art projects faded into nothingness, I began to do poetry.

I won't bore you with my difficulties as a child, everyone has them, and I've seen plenty worse. But my writing was pretty dark in the beginning. I started the "Demona" series during my Freshman year in High school, setting it aside and restarting a million times. When I hit college, I was inspired by life and new friends to finally finish book one. I sent it to DAW. Six months later I got a rejection but all I saw was my entire manuscript, stark white and pages completely untouched. I took some gasoline to that copy. I started again and sent it off to TOR. Ditto results. I gave up.

About the time my son was born, six years ago, I was reading a book and couldn't believe that such trash could possibly be published. I looked at the company, and it was DAW. I was disgusted. Even more so when I found out the book was published due to an inside connection -- it said so right on the inside cover. It was a dedication thanking her cousin's friend for his help.

I decided I didn't want the big corporations to publish my book anymore. Sure they had great writers and great books, but why would I want anything to do with big business that you can only break into if you have the right connections? The Mafia had the right connections and look how well that went.

So here I am. I always hope that everyone who reads the story, enjoys it, of course I can't make everyone happy but I can still hope. And frankly, no matter how bad it is, it's a whole lot better than that tripe I paid $15.00 for.

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Demona - Book One
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 96,510. Language: English. Published: August 6, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
Demona, a mixed race young woman, born of both good and evil, is the key to Billayo’s salvation. Abused, starved, treated like a wild animal, her journey begins in the cell of a human. She’s given up all hope of rescue, family, love — until the unthinkable happens. She is freed. Released from unendurable slavery, she has the power to save two worlds. But first she has to learn how to be human.

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