Karan Henley Haugh


About the Author: Karan Rekasie Henley Haugh has had a lifetime devoted to writing. In fifth grade, she won the contest for an essay on “Why I Love America.” She grew up in a former coal mining village, Rural Ridge, Pennsylvania, about 23 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, not far from the Allegheny River. She had the good fortune to be a student in one of the best public school systems in the country, Fox Chapel Area Schools, from which she won a Senatorial Scholarship to start her off her studies at The University of Pittsburgh. She has written twenty books, which she is happily in the process of seeing published. She is presently living in Prescott, Arizona with her husband Robert, who is a poet, and their blue-point Siamese Sylvie. The prior seven years were spent in Northern California, from where she composed her book “River People,” which she hopes is on the slate for publication. Karan has done a wide variety of amazing things like raising Siamese kittens, working as a Realtor, and thoroughly remodeling a duplex in Pittsburgh from basement to roof. For all this time she has also been running an editing concern krh2004@manuscriptsplus.com. Her email is krh2004@manuscriptsplus.com.However, she is currently busy getting her books in order.


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