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Kiera Zane loves to write, and got her start writing fan fiction and entering writing contests. When the Kindle first came out, she was one of the first to buy one. She loved the idea that she could carry around dozens of books in one small package that you could take everywhere. Kiera loves to read, write and play the piano.

When she entered the Kindle publishing market, she wasn’t sure how she would be received. She recently put out her first book called Outfoxing Murder. It’s about a Russian spy who comes to America in 1962 to seduce a powerful senator who has the ear of President John F. Kennedy. Her book is a taut thriller that’s also a heartwarming and heartbreaking love story.

Kiera brings her unique love for history and lover of prose to everything she writes. We are happy to welcome her to Global Grafx Press where she can concentrate on writing, and leaves the editing, formatting and cover creation to us. She is currently working on her second novel which is a trilogy called the Zombie Shuffle. Her first book in the Zombie Shuffle series is called Quiver. She is also working on the second book in her My Russian Love Story series.

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