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Kimberley Cameron & Associates Literary Agency has offices in Tiburon, California and Paris, France. The Agency has a long legacy and is proud to represent many distinguished authors across all genres of Fiction and Nonfiction, including many in the Mystery genre. We work with debut writers as well as published authors, and we represent our clients to large and small publishing houses alike. Now we are venturing into the world of electronic publishing to fulfill our clients’ needs. We work hard to ensure our authors find the best homes for their manuscripts, and when we begin a relationship with a writer, we expect it will last throughout their writing career. We have a reputation for being a different kind of agency—one that cares deeply about our clients, champions the books we work on, and collaborates openly among agents. We are persistent in our pursuit of publication at the most respected publishing houses, and when we believe in someone, we do not give up easily. We have sold books after years of trying. That's what it takes in this business—passion, and a little luck.

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