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Kimberly E. Powers is an author, speaker and conduit connecting the soul to everyday living. She is an expert on the subject of Twin Flames and the journey to find the hero with.
Her passion is assisting her clients in opening pathways to achieve their dreams and awaken to their divinity. Kimberly accomplished this mission through her international award winning branding and advertising agency that she lead for seventeen years. Realizing it was time to answer her own calling she embarked on her own spiritual journey. Finally recognizing the truth of the quest she had embarked – her life’s purpose – bringing clarity and insight to living a soulful conscious life.
Kimberly is a life long Intuitive: clariaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant. She is a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer and trailblazer and co-author of Infinite Possibilities Corporate training workbook. Through the gifts, tools, and knowledge she has received in her life, she has found the way to embody true love, peace, happiness and personal empowerment.
Her début Novel, Union is about A Real Life Journey into Understanding the Nature of True Love. Soul Mates, Twin Flames, and the Union into One.
Kimberly lives in Fort Myers, Florida with her two beloved sons and animals.
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