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I’m a 26 year old book addict! All joking aside I’m a huge reader and recently started a book blogging site and am working to increase my followers. My passion for reading and sharing my thoughts on books with my family and friends inspired me to reach out and share my passion with more than just those close to me. So far book blogging has been and exceptionally rewarding experience and I am excited to additional outlets of reading to provide my followers with the most current reviews and exciting news from Authors and Publishing companies.

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  • I Loved You First on Aug. 08, 2012

    Ok I loved the synop for this book, for me it’s all about the relationship that is totally unrealistic that drew me in. Beyond that I really didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised with how much beyond just that aspect of the book that totally kept me reading. This is a true must read for our generation. It’s a powerful story of love and overcoming. More importantly it’s a story of hate and angst. Hate. Hate is such a strong thing and there were parts of this book (that I will not spoil) that made my stomach turn. I actually had to stop reading at one point. It is not overly graphic, but I have a special place in my hate bucket for intolerance and there are some displays of that within the pages of this book. Intolerance is shown in so many different ways in this day in age and it’s nice to read something that shows both sides of that. The side of being the bigger person and the small feeble people who openly hate. Things I liked? Again, loved the whole plot foundation, if there is anything that hands down this book did for me was swept me away within the story. I was not always overly connected to the characters but the story and message rang much to loud to get caught up in that. As I continued through the book actually came to be connected with some of the characters that I had written off and that states a lot for the power of the writing. One thing that left be a bit open on was the end. While I feel it (and even more after reading the Afterwards) and get why it ended where it did, I still felt that maybe there is still some more left to Alex’s story. But, this is also where we as readers have to remember that while every one’s story continues we cannot always keep spying! I also have to give mention to Reena’s Afterwards. I’m always reading the THANKS and Afterwords sections within books (and if you don’t you are missing some great insight into the author, story development and witty humor). Reena did an excellent job within the Afterwards of giving an evaluation as to where in her heart this story developed from and it really helped me to further connect to her the Author as well as the story. Overall – again, in my opinion this is a true must read for our generation and I would recommend this quick emotion-filled read to any of my followers! Review by SlicedOpenReviews(dot)com Received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
  • What Kills Me on Aug. 08, 2012

    Wow – I love coming across awesome indie reads like this one! I didn’t have the “insta-connect” that I usually do when I enjoy a book. Wait, I take that back, the opening scene is pretty freaking amazing but after that it took me a couple of chapters to get into it. Everything starts with Axelia or “Zee” for short (you try saying her name, I’m sure I mangle it every time), she’s studying abroad, staying with a host family and this beginning “getting to know you” part was a little rushed for me. I felt like maybe we could have gotten a bit more out of this section, but it was still enjoyable. The juicy stuff comes when Zee accepts a date with the hot mysterious guy she meets in afore-mentioned opening scene. Well, said date starts and ends with peril (oh and some excellently written intensity!) after that, the real story begins. WHAT KILLS ME gave me a definite moment of having “cover lust” – it’s freaking excellent – dark, beautiful and intense! So, does the writing, story and characters live up to its pretty packaging? SURE DOES! This is Wynne Channing’s debut novel, but she is a reporter/journalist so she is no stranger to putting words to paper and that shows! I was entrapped in scenes, fell in love with the flow and didn’t want to leave the world she built around me with her words. I also loved the uniqueness of the plot, far from any vampire read I’ve come across so far. I loved each character (though I wanted a little more). Zee to me was definitely an interesting character. She had a little bit of everything brains, power and blatant disregard for female safety (aka a heaping helping of “innocent girl”). Lucas, dear Sweet Jesus, Lucas. I’ve got two words for you ladies and if you know me you know I got it bad for him during this read. Bad. Boy. THANK YOU. Not only is Lucas my ideal male character, but also has a good character background that so much could be built off of (another reason I need more *hint hint* *Cough*SERIES PLEASE*Cough*). Unfortunately there were some things that just didn’t quite spark for me: Again, the beginning “getting to know you” was a little rushed. Not that I wanted to see it drawn out, but a little more background on Zee and who she is before being thrust into the main plot would have helped. (not a game killer for me) Zee was a little naive for me. I get that we sometimes like our female leads to be innocent. But, I’m going to tell all my female YA readers this; If you are ever studying abroad and you meet someone like Zee did – Group Date! Yes, be smart…never run off with someone you don’t know. This one wasn’t a game killer for me either, just really rubbed me wrong. Oh how I wish this will be written to be a series (I looked around for deets on that with no luck). I fell in love with the plot and characters and as I said before it was unique and intense. As the story goes on there was so much going on and people to grow and develop as characters, that by the end it was a bit hurried to wrap up. Leaving me feel that not everything got pulled together. Overall, I’m not disappointed I read – at all – it will have me looking out for new Wynne Channing books and maybe just maybe she will pick Zee back up in the future… Review by SlicedOpenReviews(dot)com Received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.