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  • How to Feel Better When Things Get Worse on Aug. 20, 2012

    From the moment I heard Heather's voice on the video I experienced peace. I then downloaded the audio program and burned a CD of How to Feel Better When Things Get Worse and took it with me to a recently attended a seminar. And of course, I was presented with an opportunity to pass it along to someone DESPERATELY in need of peace and well-being. It was such a gift to give and Heather's message resonated deep within her. Here is what I'd like to say about what I'm noticing. I wake up everyday with gratitude and excitement wondering what the day will bring. I have been studying and immersing myself in the 'law of attraction' (which Heather talks about on the video) and peace and love for nearly a year now. Heather's message is something I've been listening to for just under a week. All of this combined, here is what I'm noticing....that I am feeling very peaceful! Isn't that great?! Yes! It is. I like where I am much better and will just continue to flow the love and peace within, sharing it whenever I can, wherever I can to make whatever difference I can. What an amazing gift! Kim Jenkins