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Smashwords book reviews by Kimberly Gould

  • Red Slaves: Dust to Blood on May 14, 2012

    This was a wonderful mix of magic and history/religion. It reminded me of Prodigal's Foole by R.B. Wood in that respect. I felt the beginning dragged a little, and at time I was racing to catch up when the magic is rather suddenly dropped on us. Despite that, it was a good story with interesting characters. I didn't really like the ending, but appreciate that this is expected to be the first in a series.
  • Bobby's Socks on July 05, 2012

    This was an amazing story and written so well. The horrors that Bobby experiences and lives through are vivid and leave the reader feeling scarred as well. However, Nathaniel Sewell expertly doles out dollops of hope at regular intervals so a reader isn't overcome with grief and continues reading safe in the knowledge that things are going to work out for Bobby, even if they don't work out for everyone else. As it is, things are made better for more than just himself as hundreds of other abused children are also spared from a predator and countless future children are safe from his clutches. I found the epilogue a bit off-putting. The switching from third to first person left me wondering what was real and what was fiction. I'm not sure it was a necessary change. It was also a bit choppy as it jumped around timewise. Still, it gave the perfect conclusion to the story, showing how Bobby not only advanced science in terms of Epigenetics (something the scientist in me will be researching!) but uplifting people with happy socks. :) Making his passion also his income is just fabulous. This book is not for the faint of heart, but I think it holds lessons for all and is a wonderful read for those who are brave enough to be honest with themselves and each other.
  • In Sophia's Eyes on July 30, 2012

    A great twist at the end. Well-written.
  • Messy Make-Believe on July 30, 2012

    Wow! What a great story! My daughter has been nagging me to put a story for her on my Kobo and this is it! I'm sure she's going to love it.
  • Broken Escalator on Feb. 08, 2013

    Broken escalator is an eerie crossing of an otherworldly fantasy, like the Wizard of Oz, with the Lord of the Flies. This book can't be shelved anywhere but horror, and please put it with the most psychologically twisted in the category, thank you. The only reason I don't give this book five stars is that it has scarred me to landmark I must visit every week. That and the small hand-holding I needed to make it to chapter three. It was hard to swallow that first moment when people look at the broken escalator and don't just walk down as happens every other time the darn things stop working. I had faith, recognized the signs that something 'odd' was at work, and plowed on. I'm very glad I did. For his first full-length novel, Christopher has provided a wonderful offering, one that should not be sacrificed with a ceremonial dagger on the Chapters counter, but shared in a less destructive way. I'm not a horror reader by nature, but I enjoyed the chilling scenes, the psychotic characters, and the pure evil that existed in this book. Rarely do authors get so clear a mission as to have good triumph over evil, but here it is!