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  • The Survivors Book One on March 27, 2012

    I purchased Life After War (book 1 in The Survivors series) quite some time ago (July 2011)... before the first re-edit. Yep... have to agree... initially I encountered lots of distractions due to grammer, spelling, punctuation, etc. But the story caught me from the first page and I just quit dwelling on the distractions and read around them. And before you read any further, I contacted Angela prior to posting this to make sure she was OK with me doing this... she agreed but only if I included that I am now working with her as an Editor (02-2012 - in fact). This review is based on my thoughts & opinions well before I met her and hope it is read with this understanding. If I thought her writing sucked, well, I'd be posting that... and I wouldn't have agreed to edit for her! But I genuinely love her writing style and admire her ability to roll with the punches and do everything she can to improve for her readers. So... read on... I LOVE post-apocalyptic fiction, and Angela White has managed to write a most engaging story. I DID purchase the other books in the series - yes, even prior to the re-edit of book 1. Have to say, editing has improved with each book and I've recently re-read the edited book 1. The good thing, Ms. White seems to take reviews to heart, and is taking steps to improve. When I read fiction... I read it as, well, fiction. There's lot of room for poetic license and fiction isn't meant to be a factual accounting. Unlike some, I thoroughly enjoy the "what if's" of fiction... what if that could happen, what if that person could do that? That's what I love about fiction - equal parts fact & fancy. I look to other medium for "the facts" There are some areas that the storyline is quite harsh, but caused me to think - would "Life After War" be all nicey, nicey? Not likely! It would be pretty ugly, personalities would change, people would adapt or die off. In order to survive, I think we'd have to do what Angela's Survivors did - create order from chaos, follow strict rules & guidelines to maintain order, learn to fight & all the training that would require. Everyone would, of necessity, have to do their part and punishments would have to be quite severe in order for our world to be rebuilt better than it was before such a devastating event. There are so many characters and that can be difficult to keep track of (for me, at least) but I've found that they all have an important part to play which makes it easy to remember them throughout. I read constantly, and have found that even the gazillion-selling authors have their editing, tense, spelling, etc, issues (have read a couple of best-selling authors recently, and YES, I found errors... maybe they need me to copy edit? lol). No one is perfect, but with an author of such promise as Angela White, I have no problem being patient while she works through finding her groove. I just hope Angela's detractors don't stop her from writing. I have also read the first 2 books in her Bachelor Battles series - love them just as much and can't wait for the next books in both series. My recommendation? If you enjoy this genre, read this author - you just may become an avid fan!