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  • The Beginning (Whispering Pines Book 1) on Sep. 13, 2012

    The author wants an honest review, so here goes. The story itself is good. Mind you this is the authors first book. He has written many more after this one. Kim Stapfs review of The Beginning. I found many editing mistakes throughout the book, the chapters were long to the point I had to go back and reread some to understand what was going on. Some sentences were missing words. There were a lot of characters, sometimes I had to go back to see how they tied into the story. The story is about the Veil brothers Chuck and Matt. Chuck hasn't heard from his brother in days, this isn't normal as chuck always hears from his brother. He calls his brothers house and Matt doesn't answer and chuck starts to worry when he doesn't hear back from him. He calls the lumber company that Matt and chuck own and they say Matt took some time off. This doesn't sit well with Chuck because Matt always lets him know what's happening in his life. Chuck decides he has to go to Goergia and see whats happening but he doesn't want to go alone so he asks Gail, a lady who works wih chuck at the paper where chuck is a journalist to go with him. Little does chuck know that Gail got a nickel in change from a pizza delivery man, when she touches it she see things. She can't make heads or tails of what she sees. On the way there Chuck explains more of what he expects happened to Matt, and Gail realizes her visions are about Matt and his family. There is so much more to the story. You have to download the book for more. It's well worth the download. Even thou I found some problems , the story itself is well worth the read, thats why four stars. I wouldn't hesitate to read more from this author. This is a series of books , so check out all of Charles books . Thank you for reading my review.
  • Turkey Slap 2012 on Nov. 20, 2012

    Totally enjoyed the ride. We have chocolate, gnomes, whips, leather, sex, oh the sex! A turkey slap here and a turkey slap there. Vodka is involved and lots of fun. Join the fun by reading this book of about 6 stories from different authors. Each one has its own flavor. I'm sure they will all please go download now..
  • From Where I Stand on Nov. 24, 2012

    Nov 24, 12 · edit bookshelves: done-reading, favorites Read on November 24, 2012 Kim Stapfs review This book is about this authors life. He opens his heart through beautiful, sad words written with pure soul. You feel for the little boy who's fears he shares with us all. You must admire the man who he has become today. His poetry is raw, spoken from life experience. Fall leaves, Will You Join Me, A Storm On Two Fronts, Blue Suit, just a few of my favs. The whole book blew me away. Thank you for sharing Rob. I would have given more than five stars...
  • 4 a.m. A Collection on Dec. 06, 2012

    This book blew me away. It had every inch of my attention when reading it. This author bares her soul, the good, bad, worst times in her life. She writes about tender memories about her children and the pain of how they came into the world. She writes about being a woman, marriage. My emotions were raw with this read. Only a great author can bring that out in a reader. Every book I read from this author gets better. Her poetry( you get a taste of that in this book) rocks my world, and now so does her stories. You must check her books out!
  • Winter's Homecoming and Other Poems on Jan. 07, 2013

    Rob does it again. His poems get to you. Through his words different seasons come and go, and with them he makes you feel and see the seasons as we go. The winds, trees, dirt, sun. Feel all those things and more with this poetry book. Thank you for sharing you words and feelings with us.
  • A Slave To The Coin on Jan. 14, 2013

    I gave it five stars because I enjoyed it. It’s a very short story of a family cursed by coins. Edmund couldn’t help but pick up coins, he’s rich, his whole family is. He has a room full of coins passed down by family members for generations. He just wants to walk past a coin without picking it up. Download this free story and find out if the curse can be broken.
  • The Crush on Jan. 16, 2013

    I gave five stars because its well written and everyone can relate to their first crush. I enjoyed this short read, would love to see it go further. Thank you for sharing such a sweet point in all our lives.
  • Breakfast In Bed on June 23, 2013

    What a great way to wake. I've read Robs poetry, he's real about what he writes. His erotic short is no different, tasteful writing about a husband and wife loving their mornings together. Sweet!
  • Home-A Charles "The Solver" Splints Case on March 28, 2014

    I was in the mood for a fun read, this fit he bill perfectly. Charles knows their after him, his client gave him away, he went to the warehouse to see this monster the client wanted taken out. Things go wrong, his client is shot, he goes to a bar and just waits knowing their coming. He meets Ms. Right and all heck breaks loose when they walk through the door. Short read, lots of action.
  • Devil - a Charles "The Solver" Splints case on March 28, 2014

    This is the second Splints case I've read, both in a row. The first one was such a kickass story I had to find out more about Charles Splint. This book is longer than the other, just as action packed as the first. A green eyed beauty walks into his office and asked him to get rid of the most notorious devil in town. He knows he's in for the fight of his life, but who's he to turn down a beautiful lady. Grab your copy, find out if Charles can take the devil out of commission. Both books well worth your time, he's kick butt and a funny wise guy.
  • Words on April 09, 2014

    A sweet poem. Words can be seen anywhere as this poet shows us through the winter snow. Thank you for putting snow in such a sweet way, as I see it differently as you know. :) :)
  • Black Coffee 2 - A Charles "The Solver" Splints Case on Sep. 23, 2014

    Charles took down the top man in the gang, now he has to take down the guy who took his place. While drinking his black coffee laced with his favorite scotch, he listens to gang members for information on the top dude in the gang. If I know Charles he'll get the job done. I'll find out in the third installment.