Kinga Paine


Kinga Paine is one of the only remaining - pussy-to-the-wall, in your face, shocking, blood dripping writers, who is at the forefront of the revival of extreme pulp horror shorts.

There is nothing she likes better than writing up some of her deepest, darkest thoughts for all to experience.

If you're looking for a quick read, a swift bite of blood-lust or a a brief diversion from reality then you'll know that Kinga Paine will always be there for you! With many stories to come and a novel in the pipeline, you'll always find something fresh from Paine.

You will discover tales of demons and darkness, killers and murderers, cults and the occult, and those little tales of evil that slip from the shadows before you turn in for the night.

BUT BE WARNED - Kinga Paine does not hold back, she goes to places with her stories that even the most hardened male horror writers dare not venture.

Welcome to the Madness - Welcome to the world of Kinga Paine.

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