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  • The Career Explorer's Journal 2014 on July 15, 2011

    "I know of no explorer who once having reached his or her goal, has not wanted to go out and explore some more”- Susan Jeffers, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway The Career Explorer’s Journal is one of the most stimulating, inspiring and simple books to help anyone wishing to make progress in their work and life. I discovered this book through a series of happy coincidences, at a time when I was uncertain about my future. By reading the book and applying the techniques, I am now much clearer about how I can take control of the choices which lie ahead. The idea is simple, by imagining you are an explorer, embarking upon a voyage of discovery, you are encouraged to pay attention to detail and record your findings, uncovering meaningful and sometimes surprising findings along the way. Through investigating, your Values, Talents and Goals, you can consider a deeper understanding of what’s important to you, what you’re good at and what keeps you going- all vital aspects to a more fulfilling and satisfying career. There are lots of practical tools and entertaining examples from real life people to show you how to explore your own career journey and consider what this means to you, in the past , present and future. The Career Explorer’s Journal really spoke to me in an engaging, reassuring and forgiving manner, helping me to build on my strengths and develop a positive attitude towards my current and future job seeking actions. I would strongly recommend that you read this book and begin to ask yourself the questions it poses. As you record your thoughts and feelings and re-consider these alongside the perceptions of others, you will piece together a collection of insights into yourself that you never would have believed possible. As I have gathered my evidence, I now have my own personal treasure to draw upon as a positive influence when facing every day choices and more far reaching life changing decisions. It has helped me to shape new goals, which I know I will continue to develop with the support of The Career Explorer’s Journal.