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Smashwords book reviews by Simon Taylor

  • Veterans of the Psychic Wars on April 15, 2011

    In a word: Epic This tale excels on many levels. Roman Doyle is the reluctant hero who must overcome overwhelming odds to realise his true potential and rescue his wife and unborn child. His sense of bewilderment is tangible as he gets pulled from his normal life as a husband and school teacher into an (at times truly nightmarish) adventure that spans the cosmos and brings him into contact with meticulously drawn races, philosophies and fractions. The amount of research that has been lavished on this story is evident throughout. The book is packed with first rate action sequences, and fans of martial arts will find much to savour in the blow-by-blow rendering of so many varied and interwoven fighting styles. There are sequences in this story that make ‘The Matrix’ look pedestrian. Highly recommended.