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Welcome to my site and please take a copy of Angel's Requiem when you leave. Another Halloween story of mine is available online starting today, September 10, here at Smashwords. Look for The Sleeing Beauty Mystery under FREE, also, as my way of saying Happy Halloween.

I wrote a blog about Mark Twain to the effect that he rewrote more than he wrote. It's on my blog and is a post submitted on August 6., kindlecloudnine.blogspot.com.I think you might enjoy reading about him. I uploaded my first ebook on SW's in April, 2010, what had to be an historic 14 times!!! I like to rewrite, too. Till I get it right!

If you like either book and the blog, why not leave a comment to that effect? Leave it on the title site or go to my latest post on my blog.My next book, "Queen of the Castle", will be coming out shortly. Send your email address to authorkatekindle@gmail.com in order to receive notice that "Queen" is published. You can follow my blog at kindlecloudnine.blogspot.com. Occasionally, I sponsor a contest or give away my books. Sign up now!

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  • A Summer Collection Anthology on June 04, 2010

    Stretch out on chaise or relax under a beach umbrella and enjoy “A Summer Collection”. These are five heartwarming stories about women (and men) leaving failure or disappointment behind to find happily ever after. Sarah gains freedom from the Shawnee tribe; Jill, the gentle kindergarten teacher, overcomes her fear of being had again by another fast talking con artist to find the love of her life. Christy and Steve take on nature and criminals together, on a worst ever first date. Katie is running for her life when Sheriff Trent comes along just as she is about to flee again. And Lena proves that a city gal can do herself proud in the wilderness – just depends who’s coaching her. Light and breezy tales about true love – just the way we like ‘em.
  • Smashwords Book Marketing Guide on June 25, 2010
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    Mark's nearly last line was: "Won't you share it with a friend?" Heck, no! I'm keeping it to myself. I was busy looking at other books about marketing and missed the most important one I've seen to date. Thanks, Mark.
  • Canary (a short story) on Aug. 22, 2010

    Good story. Answered my question as to why people aren't more socially active in reporting accidents, assaults, burglaries etc. Must be they were ostracized by their peers when they were younger. Yeah, now I understand. Hope he moves to a better neighborhood where people don't want thieves on the job!
  • Tina and the Bullies on April 16, 2011
    (no rating)
    Good read. Yup! Teachers, or whoever is in charge of kids, need to come right out to stop bullying. Leadership is everything. I liked your take on it, Rita.