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  • Encala : Book 3 of the Heku Series on Jan. 25, 2011

    When I finished book two of the Heku Series, I was desperate to find book 3. I did and immediately bought the other books in the series. Totally fascinating idea and great for readers of fantasy-type books.
  • Equites : Book 4 of the Heku Series on Jan. 25, 2011

    And the drama continues. I could hardly wait to find out what else was going to happen and what was going to happen next. hard to put down, just like the first three in the series.
  • Proditor : Book 5 of the Heku Series on Jan. 25, 2011

    Unbelievable, what continued strength of immagination. I can't wait to get to book 6!
  • Paragoy Dimension on March 10, 2012
    (no rating)
    And Nielsen has done it again. Just another of his fascinating books. Keep them coming. After devouring the Heku Series, I was thrilled to see another series and was not disappointed. Great idea and great carry through.
  • High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set Vol. I (Books 1-3) on May 21, 2012
    (no rating)
    I read the first series of the "high heel" detective stories. I enjoyed the first one, but not being a shoe fan or sexy dresser, got kind of bored after a while. The plots weren't bad though.
  • The Snake Woman Of Ipanema on Dec. 22, 2012
    (no rating)
    Most definitely different from Ms. Bellucci's other books. I found this book fascinating and also a bit terrifying, perhaps because of its being so close to a truth about Brazil.
  • Death by Chocolate on Oct. 31, 2018

    Perfect mystery for pre-sleep reading (a bit hard to stop though) with funny catchy remarks that both entertain and create suspense. On to the next book in the series. Tks Sally
  • Bed and Breakfast and Murder on Oct. 05, 2019

    I just finished book two of the cozy mystery series. Good light reading, not grizzly. On to book three. Thanks for the fun, Patti.
  • Shadow of a Butterfly: The Case of the Harmless Old Woman: A Paul Manziuk & Jacquie Ryan Mystery on June 16, 2020

    This is the second book I've within this series and I do believe I'm hooked on this crime couple. Good read, well thought out characters, intriguing plot. On the another one
  • A Deadly Dealer on June 16, 2020

    This author has definitely found a new fan. No hesitation in picking out another book in this series. Well worth reading.
  • A Treacherous Trader on June 16, 2020

    Another very enjoyable mystery to while the time away, flipping page after page of 'who done it'. Thanks, people, I'm hooked on these books.
  • Mint Cookie Murder on June 16, 2020

    Putting the fun into mystery is the best way to go. What a sassy sleuth!
  • Death of the Big Kahuna on Aug. 17, 2020

    Easy reading with just enough suspense to keep you reading, and then on to the next one.
  • Mele Kalikimaka Murder on Aug. 17, 2020

    Nothing like a good murder and romance novel to keep you turning the pages. I quite enjoy the peeks into life on a Hawaiian island.
  • Beachboy Murder on Aug. 17, 2020

    Good sleuthing going on here. Lots of murders on such a small island and so many amateur detectives out there helping solve them.
  • The Choice of Magic on Aug. 26, 2020

    Magic is magic. Very well put together, with an intriguing storyline. Just finished book 2.. I'm hooked on this story and am on to book 3. Thank you, Mr. Manning
  • Empress Wu Zetian on Aug. 26, 2020

    Good basic view of the life of a great Chinese Empress. Not too long-winded. Well done.
  • Scholar of Magic on Aug. 30, 2020

    So glad I happened upon this author. Amazingly well-written and, excuse the pun, spell-binding series.
  • Secrets and Spellcraft on Sep. 11, 2020

    Great series of books, well-written and with wizardly taken to another level. On to the Mordecai series by this author. I'm hooked by the inventiveness and adventures created by this author.
  • Merlin Slept Here on March 08, 2021
    (no rating)
    Not your run-of-the-mill fantasy story. Fun for everyone to read.
  • Witch's Bell Book Two on March 08, 2021

    I've now read the first three of the this series. It keeps drawing me back. After a break, I'll probably read the rest, although I can't imagine what else can happen now. Love the living house idea.
  • The Witches of Corndale on March 31, 2021

    Since I recently got into books about witches, I thought I'd check this one out. I'm not sure I'll be able to get past page 20. The author should have had it edited properly. The grammar is non existent. A shame, really, because the idea is well-fouinded.
  • Deadly Cool on April 10, 2021

    Easy, but enticing reading, after a hard day's work. Keeps you wondering what comes next.
  • Highshield on April 10, 2021

    Lalonde does it again. Amazing writing. Thrills and suspense on every page.
  • Dead Even on June 25, 2021

    Very enjoyable read. Good combination of the paranormal. On to 'Dead and Buried'.
  • This Sacred Isle on Sep. 14, 2021

    I enjoyed this book. It was well-written and enjoyable for all ages. It shows the coming of age of a young man, who proves his worth, humility and fairness. Well done, Steven.
  • The Woodcarver's Secret: Complement to the Bestselling Samantha Sweet Mystery Series on Nov. 12, 2021

    I almost enjoyed this book more than the series. Fascinating history of the magical charm(s). Most definitely well worth the read.
  • Two Plus Two in the Jolie Gentil Cozy Mystery Series on July 22, 2022

    I like this books because they're both fun and full of suspense. Easy reading and well written, with a touch of family. Excellent holiday pleasure.
  • Murder Is Where the Heart Is on Aug. 03, 2022

    I've become a fan of cozy mysteries and the first three books in this series have definitely caught my interest. So much so that I'm going to read the entire series. Easy fun reading, great for riding on trains, buses, trams, etc.
  • Once Burned, Twice Spy on Nov. 24, 2022

    I'm a Diane Henders fan. So far I've read all 13 of the Spy books and am readying myself for no. 14. It's great to read a book where the heroine is middle-aged and with lots of weirdo quirks.and a healthy sexual appetite. Being able to read without making grammatical corrections is a joy.