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My name is Leigh Richwood. I found out about my husband’s infidelity in 2007. My story is a long one of denial, making excuses, and finally taking control. I shared my story because I hope that someone will read it and gain inspiration to fight. I hope that someone will not make the same mistakes I made because they heard my story.

What I found out in a matter of a few hours of investigation tore my world apart. Though the facts hurt me far more than anything I could have imagined, these very facts gave me power and a sense of urgency. I developed my plan to deal with the ugly truth of my husband’s actions and his secret life.

That very moment that I started my plan, I started regaining control of my life. It wasn’t easy and there were times when I didn’t know what I wanted or how I’d get through the day. I didn’t know where it would lead or how it would work out, but I knew I had to move forward. That decision to take action is what got me to where I am today.

The way I approached my husband’s affair was not to attempt to save our marriage. I didn’t know if I wanted to save it, so my goal was to protect myself and my kids to the best of my ability while I decided if I wanted to stay married or not.

Today, I’m happily married to the man who cheated on me. Our kids are well adjusted and thriving. I’ve heard some people say that their spouse’s affair was the best thing that ever happened to them because they woke up and made changes. I will never say that. We didn’t have the perfect marriage (obviously) and our marriage is pretty good today. However, his affair was the most devastating and terrible experience of my life. But, the fact is that we can’t go back and change anything, so we keep moving forward.

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