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Arnold J. Inzko is from Austria and he migrated to the USA. In Austria, he went to gunsmith school and became a master gunsmith. In the United States, he served in the Army and received an honorable discharge. Then he attended OSU, KSU and CSU to earn a degree in mechanical engineering. He worked in GE, TRW, Textron and Cerro Metal where he was an engineer and an engineering manager. Then he taught computer essentials, mechanical drafting, CNC, metrology and machine tool programming at South Hills School of Business and Technology, in State College, PA. He wrote DOS manuals, numerous engineering papers, his autobiography as well as fiction and science fiction novels.

How and why did he start writing later in his life?
He started writing his adventurous autobiography on 9-11-2001. He was shocked when a plane crashed one county over from Blair County, PA. He thought that moving from Austria to the USA, he would be far removed from the elements of war. Obviously, that was not the case. This odious awakening was one of the inducements that triggered his desire to write. His children and his wife were the second reason for writing. They asked him to write his autobiography, since he had a very interesting life, in Austria, in France, in England and in the USA, but he never found the time to relate his life experiences to them. When his wife finished reading his autobiography, she said, "Dear this reads like a novel." Arnold responded, "Like a novel? Maybe I should write science fiction novels."
That is how he started writing and researching writing styles.

Please note the list of his writings below:
Arnold: WWII to 9/11. An Autobiography
The Price of Tranquility
Ethos Returned
The Faith of a Gunsmith
Infinite Entities
The Immigrant
Alien Spaces in Similar Places
White Slavery
The Siblings' Legacy
The Inheritance
Messengers from the Past
The Boy in the Mirror -- A short story
The Fifth Essence -- A short story

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