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What distinguishes the 'Legend' series from all other fantasy stories today?

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What distinguishes the Legend series from all other fantasy stories today?
A book is proof that humans are capable of magic. -Carl Sagan-

It's this simple: fantasy is a genre that doesn't incorporate the innately convoluted nature of humanity or the wonders of our actual accomplishments into its formula. Most often it's along the lines of 'Humanity is weak and needs to be held in check by evil to remember that the good is worth defending, but still can't succeed on their own virtues without relying on non-human powers.' To me that cries the influence of indoctrination, that is, the inbred idea that humans cannot be allowed to live wholly as we are because our darkness is too senseless and weaknesses too profound.

But I believe the traditional perspective is overly-fatalistic and far too black-and-white to portray us accurately let alone in comparison to fairy tale humanoids like elves, dwarves, and goblins, so I take the fairy tales out of the picture. My chosen formula, in comparison, is designed to be more realistic and the result can only be described as literary fantasy. In short, the story is a myth about humans, gods, and their everlasting symbiosis and highlights the poetry in how each admires, and therefore affects, the other. There are no fairy tale creatures, there are no traditional ideas about the existence of magic, but still I succeed in drawing magic from humanity by creating a realm of reality so deeply realistic yet adventurous and fantastic that it's easy to forget there are none of the typical elements that make up the crux of our fascination with the fantasy genre.

Welcome to a whole new take on fantasy, my friends. Read on to learn more, and enjoy!
Why do you think fantasy readers will connect with a fantasy story that is lacking in the typical formula of magical powers and mythical creatures? Isn't that what makes fantasy fantasy?
I don't believe so. Human beings and human powers are overlooked as being fantastic within themselves: seeing/speaking to spirits, premonitions, ESP, vision seers, and those who use the power of the human intellect -- the ability to learn and grow through the attainment of knowledge. Those are our greatest magicks and the most valuable gifts evolution bestowed upon us that were millions of years in the making. Modern fantasy abandons that and in the Legend series I intend to infuse it into our traditional ideas of what fantasy should be, which is what makes my brand so literary (more intelligent and educational, in other words).
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