KN Schultz


I'm an American horror wierd fiction tale perpetrator spat from the horrors and pain of being raised in the Devil's Whorehouse as a child, where I met my the loves of my life, my wife, my art, and my sorcery. I continually give birth to the necromancy creepy crawlies through my many monster made gashes.
Much more horror to come. And much love to my brothers and sisters, my family who have supported me and my loves over the years. Without your efforts, this Charlie Brown would have never be married to his little redhead girl.
My ebooks are free. I only ask that if you can, buy a paperback to support me as an artist.
I'm in the middle of another reboot of this confounded technology I am not good at. But this time I have family and friends to see I get it right and finally achieve the success that has been continually stripped from me for so many years. I am thankful for everything that everyone has done to me. I appreciate it deeply.
Now is the time of my vindication. Thanks for giving


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  • Nomads of the Gods on June 20, 2013

    Wonderfully savory epic saga not too space opera and not to Draconian. Well worth any price if it continues. Can't wait for more. I want to live on Gorn.