Smashwords book reviews by kocimietka

  • The Dragon Healer on April 15, 2017

    Not bad ;]] Really nice idea (love dragons^^) as canvas for a story. Pity it's so short... I would like this title to be a proper book by fully allowing characters and the story to unfold more naturally. I'm not talking about them doing the deed but about their thoughts and feelings as they meet and think about each other. It sounded off when I read it - 'puppy love', love on first sight >no< - desire >yes< - especially when considering the age and experiences of portrayed characters ==> first day carnal feelings and the next budding of the tender ones which is much more realistic as they get to know and spend the time with each other more. Well I can tell more and point exactly what and where but only if the author is interested cause' I really like the style and pen of this author - it seriously could become one of the best of the best - just little more polishing (!) ;)) All in all it's very pleasant read. In scale from 1 to 10 it's solid 6 ;) (if the conversation and their thoughts/feelings before the sex was written were with more insight and more natural (befitting the maturity of the characters) - I would give big 9;)) - and 10 if the book was longer ;P)
  • Cole and His Dog on April 16, 2017

    Nicely written - enjoyed it ;]
  • Lonely Vampire on April 16, 2017

    Nicely written and pleasant to read. Quite surprising intake on vampires - I enjoyed it ;]
  • Mage of Silence on April 26, 2020

    Nicely written ;] "Mage of Silence" is fantasy novel with BL theme but in no way overbearing where the MC's fuck at each corner of the pages and the story is just a decoration ;P Seriously though, I enjoyed the book very much - I love fantasy and the tale was right up my alley. It's well written and pleasant story with interesting characters and little sexiness and humor to spice the flavor which I recommend sincerely ;]] ...would be great to 'meet' the Castien and Theirn again in another tale (strong suggestion to the author;)))