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  • Her Last Chance on Sep. 24, 2011

    Her Last Chance was a well-written romantic excusion that started in New York with a horrible betyayal, and ended in Conecticut with something very different. Kat was a tough nut to crack, but it was hard to resist the handsome Doctor Warren, who also had a lot of his own baggae. Watching these two come together was beautiful, sometimes infuriating, and even funny. They're wonderful suprise at the end dealed the deal on this couple that has been fated for years to fall in love. A charming romance, woven with the help of some other-wordly threads, made this an unique and heart-warming story! My favorite line was from dad "Free Health Insurance!" Ha! Five stars!
  • A Home for the Holidays on Nov. 30, 2011

    I won this copy in one of the fun online events set up through FireFlyand Wisp, and I will absolutely be buying the print version ina few weeks. I must have this on my bookshelf within easy reach, as it will be read again next holiday season.It will become a tradition! The cover art was lovely and Christmasy, with a great feel that set the tone for the collection. There were twelve stories, most were a little longer than a standard anthology, but all were great, fast reads, very smooth writing, flawless editing. Now for the stories! I cried three or four times, this is the level of talent involved, able to create a story with characters that you are invested in almost instantly. There was a character with cervical cancer, one in a wheelchair, a sick child, a woman that had breast cancer, several had suffered terrible loss of love and family. These things are so devastating, it's hard to read about them. But they were never presented in a negative fashion, the stories were about overcoming lonliness, bitterness, anger and finding love in the strangest places. The holiday theme was present throughout, and several had wonderful twist ending I didn't see coming. It's a colleection I'd be proud to give as gifts to family and close friends, anyone who appreciates heart-warming, inspiring stories of loss, pain, joy and love. I cannot choose a favorite, but Nothing's Terminal really left me a range of emotions. I'm thinking of reading it again tonight! I have a bit of a crush on Captain Jack (not THAT one, ha!) A very beautiful anthology collection, perfect for this time of year. Highly recommended!
  • Yuletide Mishaps on Jan. 12, 2012

    This was a really wonderful story, of Abby and Ben, two people that found a conection, overcame some difficult - and sometimes humorous - obstacles on their path to love. They are both good characters, and I mean good in the sense that they are kind and decent people. I liked reading about their relationship and watching it develop. It was a beautiful story, well written and I thoroughly enjoyed every page! Five stars, recommended for any time you need a break to relax and involve yourself in a real romance!
  • New Year Nookie on Jan. 13, 2012

    This was a fun erotica novella! Fed up with being alone for the holidays, Sasha decided to ditch out on her sister's family and heads off on a single's cruise a few days before New Year's. She's a spontaneous gal, something that serves her well! She meets a good-looking guy on the plane, and has fate would have it, they meet again at a costume ball on the cruise ship. The story totally had me at his Zorro costume! The rest of the trip is an erotic romp, humorous disagreements and witty banter between the two. Short, quick, enjoyable read with fun characters and some hot nookie. Five stars!