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  • String Theory -the Novel on Feb. 06, 2013

    Quite an entertaining experience! I'm a Southeast Asia traveler and have often wondered at the lack of happy fiction that comes out of that happy continent! Well, String Theory helps fill the void since Alex Garlands The Beach came out. Not that that was cheerful, though the movie was good! Anyhow, String Theory mixes absurdity, fantasy, sex, Thailand, Bali, surfing, time travel, and general wacky characters to produce a very pleasant afternoons worth of reading. May start off a little slow, but then it hits rocket sled/Marx Brothers speed. Recommended, especially if you've ever walked down those Bangkok streets and wondered where was the Jackalope!
  • String Theory -the Novel on Feb. 06, 2013

    A really entertaining experience! Evil talking animals from the future, a Jackalope whose non -existence doesn't prevent him from attempting to destroy the universe, Bangkok markets and pretty girls with telepathy, surfers and their talking horse friends, Bali, Bangkok, And that's just for starters! Starts a little slow-a Bear from the Future attempts to assassinate an American expat,- then takes off like a rocket sled full of mushrooms. Lots of fun, and armchair traveling experience also! Recommended!