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Spent 18 years as a therapist and now making my living trading Commodities and Forex. Originally from Northern Ireland and came to Australia in 2005 (now living in Melbourne) to complete a Masters Degree. My thesis was Pilgrimage and Therapy based on the Shikoku 88 pilgrimage hence my interest in finally walking the pilgrimage later this year (Oct to Dec 2010)


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  • Neon Pilgrim on Sep. 09, 2010

    In a few weeks time I will be walking the Shikoku pilgrimage so I stumbled upon this book with more than a passing interest. I started to read yesterday and have just finished, a testament to Lisa’s engaging and candid narrative. The story is not a self indulgent diary and moves seamlessly between a travelogue and a therapeutic journal. Occasionally and in the right dosage she opens a window into her inner process as Lisa struggles with the sheer physical, mental and emotional challenge of the pilgrimage. I have enormous respect for her achievement but also for being able to share her experience in a very personal and generous way. I read the book as I would watch a good horror movie, turning the page to find out what happens next and feeling the tightness in the pit of my stomach. In the end I didn’t know if I was reacting to what she went through or having anticipatory anxiety about what I am about to experience for myself. Some times ignorance is bliss. Putting aside my vested interest the book is an entertaining read and you may well be wishing the journey could have lasted just a little longer.