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K.P. Gresham is an Illinois girl gone Texan. Adventure is her favorite thing in life, a concept introduced to her by her husband, Kevin and shared with their daughter. Their travels have taken her from the U.S. to Europe, to the Middle East, to Africa and South America. From these experiences, plus the added advantage of being surrounded by a fascinating group known as the human race, K.P. has a never-ending source of situations, places and people from which to draw for her character driven fiction. Her moniker is "have story will write," and she hasn't stopped writing for over thirty years!

K.P. Gresham writes in two genres. The Preacher's First Murder is her first offering in mysteries with a humorous twist. Her other love is writing what she calls Political Science Fiction i.e. "What if this happened in our society?" In this genre, K.P.'s first work was Three Days at Wrigley Field, also available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other on-line distributors.


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