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In November 2007 I set off on the Great Euro Freebie Challenge, a mission to get to every capital city in mainland Europe without spending a single penny, whilst raising money for Cancer research UK in the process.
I have now written the book of that epic adventure, published by Valley Press. Get it here:

Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, the book has it all. Apart from rock'n'roll. There's none of that in the book. I believe it died out long before I was born; much like the waxed moustache.

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  • Ocean Boulevard - An epic journey all the way... from a boy to a man on Feb. 21, 2011

    Of all the books I've read that fall into the genre of Humorous Travel - I'm talking Bill Bryson, Tony Hawks, Danny Wallace - this is the one that sits on top of the pile as the one with the most laugh out loud moments. My plan for this evening was to start reading the paperback version again, but after searching the house for over an hour I was still none the wiser as to its location, so Smashwords came to the rescue. Right, enough writing, I got some reading to do.