Kristina Jackson


"One day you will write your own book, just let your heart guide you."
They were the words of Kristina’s teacher in the 5th Year of Primary School. Her short story had just been published in the school magazine. Kristina knew she had wanted to write since she could write sentences. Twenty-eight years later she is now realising that dream.
Kristina lives with her husband David, and two children. She has several pets, one of the cats, Bono, is her writing companion. He is often found sharing her laptop.
Kristina took the hint that she should be writing after her illness POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) had to a greater degree disabled her. As physical doors have shut the mental ones have opened. She swears the characters in her head are trying to run away with her remaining sanity. Kristina has so many ideas it is anybody’s guess where this will now lead

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