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Since an early age Kristofer has been interested in writing and the English language in general. His love for reading came when he was just five years old when we began reading in school. At night his father would read to him, further intoxicating Kris with the way words could be used to entertain. Through this his competitive side began to shine through as he strived to be the best reader in his class.
Throughout his life Kris has continued to want to be the best he can be. It was this drive and hunger that led him to begin writing his first novel in December 2010 whilst working a dead end job, having dropped out of college. Kris wrote all through the summer but when he returned to college in September 2011 the project went on hold. Eventually he finished and began the process of finding a publisher which he did with the help of Aventura in the spring of 2012.
Kris was born into a big family, with a long line of success that he always wanted to continue. He thinks that whilst he didn’t recognise the achievements of his family at a young age the fact that he always wanted to do the best that he could in everything helped him to achieve and it is because of the way that Kris was raised that he is like this.
Kris was born in Manchester but has since moved to a house just outside the noise of the city where it is as quiet and peaceful as a writer could really ask for but as a young man, he of course manages to find noise in the silence and has plenty of ways to distract himself when his head is not screwed on for writing.
The inspiration for all of his work comes from events that are real, whether they are personal to him or to a friend. Kris sees a story in every moment and though not all of them are worthy of a novel he takes great happiness in telling each one. Kris’s first novel ‘Legacy of the Vampire’ was actually created in part when he was only about eleven; this was when one of the characters was born. Although he was too young then to do anything with it he saved the ever developing character until they were both ready to take the journey together.

Legacy of the Vampire - The Pits is his first novel.

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