Kristopher Morris


I was born hearing until age of three when i had an ear infection that cause my deafness.

With ear aids, i became hard of hearing. It never bothers me until when some people treat me different as if i wasn't exist. Time goes by when people started to learn to social with me.

I am very nice and very respectful to people. I hate to judge because no one deserve to be judge.

Everyone is beautiful outside and inside. That what counts. I am also very friendly, and good listener.

I have lot of female friends because i was able to understand them easily. I don't mind being around male either :)

I have an older brother. Two parent. One dog, Ringo (Boxer)

I attended Broadus Wood for first three years then transfer to Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind for twelve years. Then went to Piedmont for first semester and passed it. But something happened which i had to stop going.

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