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  • Allesandra's Bequest on Aug. 20, 2012

    I was instantly hooked upon opening the ebook. I usually don't like reading books on my phone, because I love the feel of an actual paperback, but this was a short story, so I figured I could manage. Allesandra's Bequest is written extremely well - the story tells of the present first, of Allesandra and Izz's life, and then flashbacks to the years prior, something I enjoyed. What I didn't like was the limited description of the characters. I was only able to see their shadows forming in my head, their outlines, but nothing specific. Maybe the author wanted readers to conjure up their own images, but I had trouble. The song titles representing the chapters are incredible, especially the inclusion of the actual songs at the end of the chapters, extremely powerful, yet totally understandable and fitting. I feel like, as a reader, I was able to figure out what the characters were feeling. I'm against suicide, so I was hesitant about reading this book. While I still don't think suicide is the way to go in any situation, especially Allesandra's - in which she and her sister were abused by their father, the demons of the past never escaping - I feel like I was able to understand what she was feeling at that point in time. The end was my favorite, but I was left wishing the book was longer, wanting to find out more about how Allesandra and Izz met and what became of Izz in the years following...