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  • Kids Before Trees on Oct. 02, 2011
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    KIDS BEFORE TREES by Geoff Sander I WILL RECOMMEND THIS MATERIAL FOR ALL TO READ. IT DID CHANGE MY THINKING ON HOW WE TEND TO TRUST NEWS AND SOURCES AND TAKE FOR GRANTED SOME CONCLUSIONS THAT WE SHOULD QUESTION. When I think of Energy crisis, Green Power, Ethanol, Hydrogen economy, global warning - yeah! warming too, y2k, etc., I have a more questioning stance. Some of the material seems overstated, but you can skim readily through that. If nothing else, this book has me looking more questioningly at news stories and information coming at me. I have changed some conclusions and "understandings" I had on the topics covered. A good read and worth the time. Good job on the research and alerting the reader to have a questioning mind about information including this book. A sincere effort. Congratulations! KEN ROLHEISER - AUTHOR