Krsanna Duran


A futurist, Krsanna Duran is an ancient astronaut researcher, UFO experiencer and student of Trans-Himalayan adepts. She has a uniquely inspired method of forecasting planetary, solar, and galactic interac-tions as a cohesive whole system with synthesis of ancient and modern models of time, space, and reality. She has researched crop circles since 1993, to find correlations with energetic events. She balances an innate sense of pragmatism in contacts with time travelers and extraterrestrial sources. Krsanna and Ida Kannenberg shared mutual experiences with time travelers from Atlantis in contemporary UFO contacts. Krsanna Duran was born and reared in Oklahoma and presently lives in Montana. A Southern Cherokee descendant of Stand Watie’s Cherokee Cavaliers, she is an advocate of Indian education and indigenous peo-ples and cultures.

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