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Kristyn Schiavone believes that everyone deserves to look stunning, no matter their age, body type, budget, office dress code or difficulty in navigating the tricky world of style.

An avid trend-watcher with limited funds, Schiavone taught herself at an early age that the latest clothing and accessories aren't just for celebrities, socialites and the pages of fashion magazines. Maybe she can't wear things straight off the runway, but she knows how to find affordable clothes that are chic, stylish and appropriate for the average woman's daily life. With her weekly "Simple Style" column, Schiavone has set out to share her knowledge, advising readers on everything from how to wear the latest trends to bargain hunting, as well as how to dress for specific occasions and find clothes that fit perfectly.

Schiavone has worked at New York magazine and at Chicago-based media firms. She worked on New York magazine's "The Look Book," an archive of urban street style, published in 2008. Her writing and reporting has also appeared in Us Weekly, Lavish, AOL City's Best, the Chicago Tribune and the Baltimore Sun. She is a graduate of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.

When not writing, Kristyn Schiavone can be found at her friends' apartments, helping them coordinate their outfits.

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