K. S. Higgason


I have always dreamed of being an author. My education is in history. I love Cold War History and anything related to the Soviet Union. I love silent movies, korean pop music, blogging, reading and sweets. Fun fact: I missed graduating early so I could see Rammstein in concert. I'm a huge, huge fan.

My goal as an author is to bridge many genres together and make them more accessible. I see gadget-driven Sci-Fi and Epic Fantasy loosing popularity and it's not surprising to me. I think people want character driven drama in every genre and that's what I aim for. Characters you can grow with and who change (hopefully for the good) in the end. I also have a major problem with how fast romance novels move. I aim to have true love relationships that move with characters and the story as they need too, with some pleasant tension along the way. But never fear! I always include copious amounts of sex in my stories, along with profanity and violence. There's nothing better than the gritty realism of life combined with epic, soulmate inspired romance in my opinion. Romance will always be front and center to my stories because love can move the world.

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